In the western part of Cyclades lies the unique volcanic island of Milos. It is famous because of the statue Aphrodite of Milos and its unique natural beauty. Milos gives a perfect opportunity to have great fun and learn windsurfing in a friendly environment at the natural bay of Adamas, the biggest and safer bay in the Aegean Sea.

The Nautical Club of Milos created the Windsurfing school “Hang Loose” Club to make the experience of learning windsurfing easy for all ages and skill levels. In our club you can have a rewarding windsurfing experience as a beginner as well as an advanced windsurfer. You can also book group or private courses to learn windsurfing and also improve your skills in beach start, water start, jibe, power jibe or tricks.

The sandy coast is a family friendly beach providing nice and safe conditions for kids and families. Also, the famous wind in the Aegean Sea “Meltemi” is coming from the north, providing perfect conditions for windsurfing in the blue water of the bay.

Our instructors, having a long experience of teaching windsurfing for all levels, will make sure your learning experience will be easy, funny and well rewarding. In “Hang Loose” Club you can also find Standing Up Paddle (SUP) boards for nice rides on the crystal blue water of the bay.

Surfing is for life


The perfect destination for beginners wanting to learn windsurfing, for families with children ,intermediate and advanced windsurfers to improve their skills.

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Out of water, I am nothing

SUP – Standup Paddle

Hang Loose windsurfing club offers state of the art equipment for all levels of stand up paddlers in the safe bay of Adamas, a perfect location for paddle surfing.

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The club

The spot is ideal for rewarding windsurfing sessions. The shallow sandy beach makes your first introduction to Windsurfing a pleasant and safe experience.